VoIP blog 9: Your VoIP by Comsave, what to expect?

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

While analog ISDN-support is being phased out, VoIP is taking of as the future of business telephony. Why is VoIP the solution for your company and what can Comsave offer you?

We’ve written extensively about all the functionalities and technicalities of VoIP. But what happens the moment your pick up that old phone on your desk and call one of the Comsave VoIP advisors?


Let’s look to improve your current situation.

What’s your current business telephony situation like? In order to get a good impression about how we can help the best, it’s important for us to know a few things about your company. How much FTE are working in your company and what are your expectations for the VoIP platform you intend to use? How many locations does your company have and are these locations located solely in the Netherlands or also internationally? With this information in mind, we’ll be able to come up with the best solution for your company.


Comsave works out an A to Z-detailed plan for your business

Now we know what your company needs, Comsave will work out a detailed proposal suited to your business. We’ll also cover the installation of VoIP in your office(s). During this quite short installation, you won’t have to worry about being unavailable, not even for one second. You’re also not going to lose any contacts or your own phone numbers, everything will be synchronised in a short matter of time.


Got some issues? Comsave’s Servicedesk is there to help 24/7.

We don’t expect you to have any problems, but even if you do, you can call our servicedesk 24/7. And if your internet would drop out unexpectedly for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to call through a redundant line. And if your bandwidth is severely tested by sending large files up & down your network, the VoIP quality remain untouched since it will run over a dedicated internet access line.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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